Workout of the Day: Push, Inch, Die

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Healthy Living, Push ups, Risers, Workout of the Day
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Another beautiful day in the D. Sun shining, not too hot, not really humid, perfect conditions for Boot Camp!

WOD (Workout of the Day):

Warm up – 1/4 mile brisk walk to the park, 1/4 mile jog around the park.

Circuit 1: Push ‘n Squat (3x’s):
x15 – Incline Push-Ups
x15 – Modified Squat Thrusts (used bench instead of on the ground, little easier on the knees)
x10 – Walking Lunges

Circuit 2: Inch-Knee-Jack (3x’s):
x10 – Inchworms
x25 – High Knees (these suck if you’re a girl with any substance in the boobs)
x15 – Plank Jacks

Circuit 3: Abs to Die for (3x’s):
x10 – Leg Lifts (lying on a picnic table)
x10 – Leg Outs (same table)
x10 – Incline Elbow to Knees

Cool Down: 1/4 mile jog home

45 Push Ups
45 Squat Thrusts
30 Walking Lunges
30 Inchworms
75 High Knees
45 Plank Jacks
30 Leg Lifts
30 Leg Outs
30 Elbow to Knees

It’s still hard to believe all of this only takes an hour.

Oh, this little dude came late to the party.

Boot Camp Crasher

Boot Camp Crasher

  1. […] at Boot Camp there were inchworms, plank jacks, squat thrusts…all movements which require touching dirt. I […]

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